World Wide Video Distribution

Video eCommerce platform for anyone in the world to sell videos online in your native language. Coming soon is the ability for you to rent all types of videos from around the world including India, China, Italy, France, Iran, Egypt, Russia, Pakistan, Costa Rica, Brazil, and every other country in the world!

Videos Hosted in the Cloud

With Vidli's infrastructure, your videos are always hosted in a specific region closest to your viewers, designed to sustain the concurrent loss of data in two facilities. With extensive redundancy in place, this means that's your videos will be streaming and downloading nearly every second of every day.

In addition, video storage needs are no longer an issue. You can expand your online video eCommerce collection to hundreds if not thousands of DVD's without worrying about adding another hard drive to your server.

Seamless and Simple Video eCommerce

Vidli is the first of its kind video eCommerce solution provider. With Vidli you can sell your videos, whether they are five minute short videos or full length DVD's online. Unlike most video platforms you find on the web, Vidli is specifically focused on distributing videos in a streaming and download formats for sale online.

We help you guide through both the world of eCommerce as well as the world of video. Integrating the two can be tricky business and we make it ours to know all the in's and out's.

We Customize Your Video Storefront

That's right. Hire us and we will customize a Video eCommerce platform specifically for your needs. Whether it be integrating with a new merchant account, creating a custom theme, or setting up your new world wide distribution network on a new video ready device.